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Welcome to the Academy of Lacey. We are a business based out of Lacey, Washington. We currently serve the people of Washington by doing web development in Drupal in support of Washington state agencies. 

Our Team

We are a team of developers centered around Lacey, WA. We all met years ago on the soccer field and have since joined together as Drupal Developers. Sam, the team lead, retired from the Army in 2013 and went into web development and coaching soccer. It was here that he met all the future developers. As the players graduated high school and developed an interested in computer science, the Academy of Lacey formed under Sam's leadership. We are excited to apply our skills and interest to help the state agencies of Washington to communicate with our fellow citizens. Working on these websites is an excellent way for our college student teammates to make some money, improve their web development skills and serve the community. Work with a meaningful purpose.

To learn more about each of our teammates please follow this link to "Our Team" webpage.