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The purpose of this page is to get us to learn styling and other things.


Calendar view

I used this super ugo calendar view

April 2024
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


Below here I want you to place two blocks side by side and give them an h3 where each h3 and the subordinate paragraphs are styled differently. You are also welcome to play around with the styling of the blocks using shadows and such. 

T-block 1

Title for this block

In this block I want you to style different headers

Here Should Be a Header 4

Style the color of the Header some color different than the others and make sure this color only applies to this H4 and not all the H4 in the site.

Here Should Be a Head 5

Make it another color with the same guidance from above. 

Here is Another H3

Add a list of links and center but not using the ckeditor toolbar




Style this Link

Now, make this link look like a button. And make sure it is left aligned.

Front Page Button

T-block 3

This is a huge image.


This will be floating text.