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Jimmy's Restaurant Ratings

Restaurant Rating Sort ascending Tips/Comments
Korean Tofu House 9.8/10 Not a cheap place, but the Beef Bulgogi and Tteokbokki are absolutely phenominal.
Dave's Hot Chicken 9.6/10 Dave mean's business with his spice. Don't let hubris consume you and think you can handle "Reaper" or even "Extra Hot". Your bowels will never forgive you.
MOD Pizza 9.0/10 Great place to go with friends. The atmosphere is inviting and you can make your pizza exactly how you want it.
Sizzle & Crunch 8.5/10 Big, fast, tasty bahn mi or bowl. Great calorie per dollar for Seattle.
Agua Verde 8.0/10 A little pricy but has a good atmosphere being on the waterfront and great big burritos.
Chipotle Mexican Grill 8.0/10 Very good calorie per dollar and is quick to grab. Tasty but it gets old pretty fast for me.
Ku Sushi and Izakaya 8.0/10 A little sketchy but SUPER CHEAP good sushi.