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Here is my page where I will refresh my CSS skills


Fontawesome is a cool tool to add icons to your page. Drupal has a module to add the icons. You can add the icon button to the ckeditor toolbar in the editor.





From the W3Schools website there are a number of additional icon "producers" like Google Icons and Bootstrap Icons that I have not used. Were I to explore using them I would look and see if there were Drupal modules to add them.

Here is me playing around with a link. First I add a class to it to make it a unique button and then I add psuedo classes to it in order to get it to act in different ways.

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Cool, isn't it. 

Interesting thoughts.

Sam Module Block

I got the Sam Block to work!!!!!!

Sam Module Twig Block

age: 31
DOB: 2 May 2000

Please click on this paragraph. JQuery will make it disappear!

Now click here to make the paragraph above reappear. Magic.